Tempo Art Walk

In music, tempo refers to the speed at which a piece of music is played. It might be slow, fast, or in-between, and is one of the most important ingredients for making music. Like music, art and culture in Austin are ever rarely static, but rather always constantly changing and morphing with the city itself.

Tempo at Moody Center invites visitors to take a stroll at their own pace through the past, present, and future of live music and the creative arts in Austin, Texas. An interactive, self-guided walking tour allows visitors to explore the rich legacy of live music in Austin beginning in the 1970s while also discovering the work and stories of visual artists who are influencing Austin’s creative landscape today.

Paired with a culinary experience that is undeniably Austin, Temp turns up the beat for all your senses.

Join us at Moody Center as we #TurnUptheTempo