Muralist Mike “Truth” Johnston and Erin Johnston

Live Music Capital of the World, 2022

Spray Paint and Latex Paint

Mike Johnston — also known as TRUTH — is an artist and muralist based in Austin, Texas. He loves creating murals, as they pose the opportunity to connect with a larger community. Through his artwork, Mike strives to communicate in the timeless language of positivity. His work gravitates toward themes that speak to a diverse audience, and compositions that are bright, colorful, graphic, illustrative, and happy.

Prior to his art career, Mike received a master’s degree in Education from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and spent twelve years as an elementary and middle school art teacher. Mike has been a professional artist for over ten years, and enjoys painting on anything from found objects, to giant concrete walls. The major influences woven in his work include street art and his time spent living overseas, printmaking, and his tiny crew — his wife Erin and daughter Moa.

Mural Statement: This mural speaks to the pulse of our city. It represents that music is the common thread of creative communities here in Austin. Moody Center is the perfect location to celebrate everything that is live and vibrant in our city.

Inner Bowl of Moody Center