Our goal is to become one of the most progressive leaders in our industry with our commitment to sustainability. By implementing the best practices while educating and empowering our patrons, venue staff and partners, Moody Center strives for a more sustainable future wherein live entertainment can thrive for future generations to enjoy.

Moody Center is a LEED Certified Venue. LEED is a third-party designation that verifies a building or community was designed and built using strategies and materials to maximize sustainability. LEED-certified buildings are designed and constructed with a focus on energy savings, water efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and improved indoor air quality.

In all guest facing locations, the arena offers two waste streams of Recycling & Composting in partnership with H-E-B. We collaborate closely with our Waste Management team to assist in hauling all waste from the arena to a final destination.

Learn more about H-E-B’s commitment to conserving and protecting Our Texas, Our Future.

Moody Center’s “landfill” waste stream is diverted to Austin Community Landfill, a Gas to Energy plant, where resulting gas is used to create electricity for residents and businesses. Compost streams are sent to Organics by Gosh, who turn these streams into valuable resources with multiple uses. Cardboard and wood pallets go to Break It Down, where materials are used in alternative ways to extend the life of each stream.

After every event, our sustainability crew transports waste to the Resource Recovery Room and opens every bag to separate waste into their respective waste stream. This ensures that every items gets sent to its proper location.


Utilizing occupancy sensor technology, Moody Center ensures that lights within the building are off when unused.
Moody Center is lit 100% by LED Lighting.
The arena utilizes modern monitoring software that allows a breakdown of power usage of specific rooms and equipment. This allows for staff to eliminate over usage in exact locations.
Our Food and Beverage department repurposes unused food from both the front and back of house to local organizations as well as part-time staff meals during breaks.
Moody Center utilizes reclaimed water for irrigation services and exterior projects, which cuts down on local water usage.
The arena has begun to install sensors on water providing services to understand and limit usage in these areas.
We are committed to being a global leader in fan education around sustainability.
Involved in community and fan programs incentivize and promote sustainable lifestyles like the benefits of low-carbon transportation, healthy diets, and physical activity.
Our community relations team is committed to connecting with the authenticity of Austin, TX while creating meaningful initiatives through sustainable efforts.
Moody Center donates reusable items to local organizations and nonprofit groups.
All products used at Moody Center are sourced from a 300-mile radius of the arena.
Antibiotic and hormone-free proteins utilized, where applicable.
Plant-based proteins include vegan and vegetarian offerings.
Heart-healthy oils utilized, where applicable.
No trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup, where applicable.
Moody Center aims to achieve 90% waste diversion rate by end of 2025.
Reduce single-use plastics used throughout the venue by 80%.
Reduce scope 1 carbon emissions from transportation and vehicle fleet.
Establish environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting through GOAL.
Make a larger impact within the Austin community by hosting sustainable community events and activations.