Muralist Alannah Tiller

a BIG scribble

Alannah Tiller is a San Antonio, Texas-based multidisciplinary artist and academic. She characterizes her artwork as a response to the people and objects in her daily life. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and stimulating imagery, she seeks to break down portraiture and inanimate objects using distinct line work and organic shapes.

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Alannah received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Texas State University and a Master of Museum Studies from the University of Oklahoma. Her work has been featured in regional publications such as Austin Woman’s Magazine, as well as part of experiential activations with global brands like Doc Martens and TikTok.

Through her work, Alannah’s hope is that others are inspired to look between the lines of their own lives.

In doing so she dreams of a world where everyone discovers their unique creative passions — no matter how big or small.

As the artist behind ‘a BIG scribble,’ I had the privilege to create this mural at the Moody Center in Austin, TX. My goal was to tell the story of Austin, the job seeker, and the integral role that Indeed plays in that narrative. Starting with the iconic Frank Erwin Center and smoothly transitioning to the new Moody Center, my design incorporates symbolic iconography representing the city’s historical venues and elements of the job search journey. Through my signature bold and vibrant style, I brought the essence of Austin, TX to life in this visually captivating artwork. My intention was to create a fun photo opportunity for visitors, allowing them to capture and memorialize their significant events while immersing themselves in the spirit of Austin!

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It is a true honor for me to be able to share my work with this city I love so much.