Muralist Zuzu Perkal

Get With It

Zuzu is a contemporary mixed-media artist and muralist recognized for vibrant color design and positive messaging. Originally from San Diego, CA, but now living in Austin, she is fueled by the graffiti and skate culture in the early 2000’s and began experimenting with large-scale public art in 2008.

After graduating in 2010 from the Creating Advertising Program at the University of Texas at Austin, she continued her dream of being a full-time visual artist. Since then, she has combined her love of art, business, and design, working with brands like Rolling Stone, Neiman Marcus, MLB, Budweiser, Facebook, Red Bull, Lexus, and Fender.

Zuzu was named ‘Austin’s Best Muralist’ by the Austin Chronicle in 2021 and a member of the Board of Directors for the HOPE Campaign, a nonprofit supporting visual artists and musicians.

Austin, TX is known for its live music, spirited art scene, delicious food, great vibes and amazing people. The artwork that I created for this project is inspired by the special essence of the city. Our longtime motto ‘Keep Austin Weird’ is something Austinites live by with pride. My mural is a visual invitation to immerse yourself in this mantra to be authentically yourself, embrace your weirdness, and to celebrate the good times in life. The artwork pays homage to the Austin culture of the community and aims to evoke a sense of happiness and vibrancy upon your arrival to the venue.

Austin has been my home for the last 21 years and I’m inspired by this city’s dedication in building a dynamic environment for its residents, visitors, and creatives. It’s enlivening to be a part of the creative transformation and evolution of this beautiful city.

Welcome to Austin. Let’s get weird!