Muralist Luis Angulo “ULOANG”

Get It While You Can

ULOANG is a visual artist and muralist originally from Caracas, Venezuela, currently residing in Austin, Texas. By using murals and street art as his main forms of expression, ULOANG aims to create art that is accessible to all. His work explores themes representing social and cultural issues in the world around him.

Although originally trained using traditional materials such as oil paints, and charcoal —spray paint has become his primary tool for creating art. He celebrates this medium as a powerful tool for creating impactful moments both indoors and outside.

Through his work at Moody Center, ULOANG’s seeks to celebrate the immense talent, heart-wrenching performances, rebellious spirit, and “get it while you can” attitude of musical artists he admires.

This mural is a reminder that life is short and you’ve got to get it while you can. Take that chance, go on that adventure, follow your passions and spend time with the ones you love.