Muralists PrettyMuchYeah

Bradford “Bradlio1” Maxfield & Christin “Saeka”Keeley


PrettyMuchYeah is a visual arts team composed of Bradford “Bradlio1” Maxfield and Christin “Saeka” Keeley based in Austin, TX. The duo met while attending the University of Texas and remained close friends and collaborators. In 2018, they created PrettyMuchYeah to focus on large-scale collaborative murals and dimensional installations.

Bradford Maxfield is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his intricate 3D pieces, custom lettering, high-level conceptual design, and unique graphic illustration that pays homage to Mexican culture and his upbringing in both El Paso and Austin, Texas.

Christin Keeley is an interdisciplinary artist whose passions have always been art and nature. Her art education was driven by the tutelage of an accomplished Texas landscape and portrait artist, and she later built a professional career researching and mapping Texas ecosystems before pivoting back to visual arts.

As a collective, PrettyMuchYeah aims to activate spaces with compelling mural concepts that connect with the community by showing appreciation for their roots and local culture.

Austin and Music are synonymous. We were charged with creating an iconic piece of this city’s history that stands the test of time. Austin has many characters that encapsulate its soul, Willie Nelson being one of them. As our hearts collide, we create a juxtaposition of high-end design and realism to bring to the masses a true giant of the industry, we were able to capture one of the most iconic, seen, heard, felt souls that Austin will ever know.