Muralist Ryan Runcie

Rockin’ Horns

Ryan Runcie is a studio artist, muralist, and painting instructor based in Austin, Texas.

He brings a sense of exploration and understanding to his art, ushering in a cultural shift in how people view and engage with each other. Born to Jamaican parents, Ryan also mines his experience as a biracial, first-generation American for his work. 

Ryan holds a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University. As a board member of Capitol View Arts, he works to showcase artists and exhibitions to raise the equity and exposure of local talents in the city of Austin and beyond.

Ryan also uses his art to express the blurred lines of identity, allowing the loose expression of color to sidestep the mind’s need to categorize and understand in accordance with race, ethnicity, and stereotypes.  He asks people to reflect upon his artwork in an effort to encourage more empathy for others. 

This concept embodies the heart and soul of Austin with the simple and eloquently blends of the “Hook’em” symbol of UT and the drumsticks representing the performing musicians.