Photographer Scott Newton

Multiple Works, 1972 – 2022


Scott Newton

Scott Newton is a self-taught photographer who began documenting the burgeoning music scene in Austin – and everything around him – in the early 1970s while attending The University of Texas.

The son of an Air Force fighter pilot, Scott grew up all over the world, eventually falling in love with Austin, Texas.

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As he began photographing his life and his interests, Scott discovered his talent for photographing musicians, eventually turning his hobby into a living.
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Shooting in iconic music venues such as the Armadillo World Headquarters and the Austin Opera House his work captures the creative spirit and vitality of an exciting era of musical discovery in 1970s Austin. Scott eventually became the Staff Photographer at Austin City Limits — but that’s another story.

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The work featured in Scott’s permanent exhibit at Moody Center all comes from this glorious time in the Seventies and early Eighties when Austin was discovering its place in a brand-new golden age.