Interactive Community Wall

Dell Blue Agency / Gensler DXD Team (Austin), 2022

In a city known for high-tech and iconic murals, this immersive community wall is the perfect blend of

art and technology.

Dell Technologies, Premier Founding Partner of Moody Center, teamed up with Gensler’s Austin Digital Experience Design (DXD) to create the one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates art, technology, and the people who visit the company’s hometown. 

Standing nearly 10 feet high and 70 feet long, this interactive wall features die-cut wood-tone veneer panels, seven motion-tracking cameras, LED lights and custom software that reacts to everything from individual and crowd movement to the outcome of a basketball game. 

Visitors are encouraged to interact with the wall and share their experience on social media, bringing a taste of Austin and its culture to friends around the world.